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Fundraising Tips

  1. Determine your Fundraising Requirements:
    • What do you need to raise funds for and how much will it cost?
    • When do you require the funds by?
    • How many volunteers/participants are available to help fundraise?
  2. Plan your Fundraising Campaign:
    • Choose the fundraising activities that your group wishes to run and when.
    • Determine how much is required to be raised from each fundraising event & by each participant - is it achievable?
    • Set dates for when each fundraiser should start/close and monies paid
    • A 14 day selling period is usually long enough for each fundraiser
    • Only conduct one fundraiser at a time to maximize your results.
    • Motivate your participants to succeed with constant attention & support!
      Use incentive prizes to reward the best selling individuals or teams
    • Promote the fundraising activities you are undertaking to your community
  3. Manage your Fundraising Campaign:
    • Ensure you have ordered your stock or order forms in time to be ready for the start date of each fundraiser and that you have a place to store the stock
    • Use the Tally Sheets to track stock ,orders & money for each participant
    • Store all money collected in a secure place and bank it promptly!
    • Organise volunteers to pack or tally orders - well in advance
    • Use some or all of the sample letters to co-ordinate your fundraising
      (just copy and paste the letters that you require into your own document)
  4. Tips for Participants
    • All fundraising should be supervised by adults
    • Be polite, smile and be enthusiastic about your cause.
    • Always tell your customer who or what you are fundraising for.
    • Focus fundraising efforts on known family, friends and neighbours.
    • Parents and friends can help by selling products or taking orders at their office.
    • If using a Money Collection Envelope, place all the money collected in the envelope and keep it sealed. Store the envelope in a safe place and return it to the Fundraising Organiser by the due date.
  5. Storage & Handling of Food Products
    • Store in a cool dry place - ideally between 12 - 20C.
    • Do not leave product in a car, direct sunlight or by a heater!
    • Store away from insects, animals and other chocolate lovers.

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