Living Fundraisers

South West Millmerran Community Philanthropy Inc. (SWMCP)

The SWMCP provides outreach services for the homeless, vulnerable and people in a financial crisis, giving information, education, and support.  We assist every day as well as during and after a Disaster, Emergency and Crisis.   We recognise that people are also parents of fur-babies, big, small and, in rural areas, this includes being custodians of wildlife on country.   The programs also provides support for local rural warriors to give through care packages, education, and animal food.   The SWMCP are aiming at supporting low-income earners in obtaining affordable vet treatment for their animals in need.

Pick up location: Lot 30 Flamingo Rd, The Pines QLD 4357

Genni Riding
Fundraiser ends: 30/06/2021