Emmaline's Country Kitchen Fundraiser

Emmaline’s Country Kitchen is located in historic Woollen Mills in the  Adelaide Hills, S.A. – where its team of 60 staff work to lovingly produce over 90 hand made products ranging from iced cakes to chocolates, slices, muffins and fruit loaves. With original recipes, locally sourced ingredients and 100% coverture milk chocolate –  a delicious and decadent range of  country baked treats is the result! All products are also  made from scratch, which substantially reduces the amount of preservatives and additives used.

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Do the products require refrigeration?

No, as the products can be stored at room temperature – providing it is below 20 degrees Celcius. Therefore it is best to store these products in a room that is not heated or in direct sunlight.

What is the shelf life on Emmaline's products?

Cakes and slices have an ambient shelf live of 2-3 weeks, biscuits are 3-5 months and chocolates are 10 months. See individual products for actual shelf life.

Where do you deliver to?

We currently deliver to SA, NSW, VIC, ACT and Southeast QLD. If unsure we deliver to your area – please call us prior to running your drive.

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