Good to Grow – The Edible Garden A (24)

This Good to Grow take home fundraising carton of  24 x D.T.Brown Edible Garden Seed Packs provides a colourful and comprehensive range to grow in your garden! Plant each variety according to it’s season and reap the rewards throughout the year. And if you don’t have the room to plant them all – then sell to family and friends for only $2.50 RRP each. In addition the seeds come packed in a carton suitable to re-use as a seedbox – plus  24 BONUS recyclable  plastic plant markers to identify the seeds that you have planted. Seedbox size is 210 x 120 x 120mm high.

Sustainable fundraising that the whole family can experience and enjoy! Each take home fundraising carton includes a pack of each of –

Marigold Sparky Mixed, Nasturtium Jewel Mixed, Cornflower Polka Dot, Pansy Swiss Giants, Basil Sweet, Coriander, Chives, Parsley Italian, Spring Onion, Tomato Grosse Lisse, Iceburg Lettuce, Capsicum Sweet Delight, Spinach Perpetual, Silverbeet Fordhook Giant, Strawberry Alpine, Beetroot Detroit, Dwarf Bean Brown Beauty, Pea Sugar Snap, Dwarf Butter Bean, Snow Pea, Pumpkin Butternut, Carrot Chantenay, SweetcornTerrific F1 and Broccoli Green Sprouting.

See webshop individual back of product packs for for full descriptions and growing instructions.


Good to Grow – The Edible Garden A (24)