Good to Grow Carrypack Fundraiser

Sustainable fundraising that all the family can experience and enjoy! Caring for the environment and your own health doesn’t get any better than this – with delicious and fresh produce that can be grown in your own garden and harvested locally everyday!

Now available in Take Home carrypacks of 20 or 24 packs of popular seed varieties. We recommend taking home one carrypack per family.

Families can purchase the seeds they want – and then sell the others for $2.50 each.

Are these seeds available Australia-wide?

Yes they can be delivered Australia wide

Are there any growing instructions?

Yes there are growing instructions on the rear of each pack as well as a sheet on general seed planting by DT Brown.

Do you take back unsold stock?

Sorry but no! As they are a food item they could be damaged or contaminated in transit and we would not be able to satisfy health requirements to resell them.

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