How it works

Starting a Fundraiser

It’s as easy as …

  1. Choose a date for your fundraiser – we can assist with what products sell best at what time of year.
  2. Select how you want to conduct your fundraiser – web shop, stall/display, order form or take home (see explanations of each below).
  3. Choose the fundraising products you want to sell (you can choose one type or a range)
  4. Choose product quantities if running a take home or stall/event drive. We can assist you with this. Fundraysia has made it super easy to run a fundraiser, we are with you every step of the way.

Fundraising Drive Methods:

Fundraysia offers a number of different methods of fundraising: Take-Home, Stall/Display, Order Form, and our unique Customised Webshop option.

Our Customised Webshop option is the new stress-free way to fundraise in the 21st century and allows you to fundraise Australia-wide with zero hassle! Use it on its own or in conjunction with other fundraising options for a complete fundraising solution.

Customised Fundraising Webshop

We’re proud to announce the launch of our new Customised Webshop online ordering system. Each fundraising group can now have a personalised webstore to help sell their fundraising products far and wide. It takes the hassle out of collating paperwork and handling payments, leaving fundraising coordinators with more time for promotional activities. We set up a personalised webstore for your fundraiser, you distribute a unique code to your participants to share so shoppers can order and pay online. We collect all the funds and collate the orders, then distribute the products to you for distribution to purchasers. We can also offer buyers the option of shipping direct to their home (shipping fee applies). We then send you the profits from your drive. EASY!

This option can be combined with other fundraising options to enable you to expand your fundraiser reach past that of your local community.

Learn more about running a Customised Webshop drive

Take Home

Each family or participant takes home a set of products in a carry bag or box. They then buy and/or sell the items and return the payments to the coordinator.

Learn more about running a Take Home drive


Our recommendation for stalls, events and display fundraisers is to order conservatively. If running a number of events or combining with a take-home drive, you are always welcome to order more.

Learn more about Stall/Display fundraisers

*Ask us about our free Order Form and Customised Webshop options to help you get additional orders.

Order Form

Each family or participant takes home an order form and collects orders and money. The coordinator then collates the orders on a tally sheet, places the order with us, then distributes items back to participants after delivery.

Learn more about running an Order Form drive